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Booster V

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Maximum speed: 36 km / h
Autonomy: up to 40 km
Battery: 10.5 Ah, Samsung cells
Motor: 500 Watt

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Autonomy:up to 40 km (speed: 20km / h, load: 70kg, wind: low 10km / h)
Maximum speed:36km / h

Note! E-TWOW electric vehicles can be limited to 25 km / h to comply with the provisions of the Law

Fold options:Foldable Electric Scooter (Patented) –

Adjustable height, fold handles and handle + automatic unfold

Braking options:Regenerative braking on the front wheel + Emergency braking on the rear wheel (At the same time, regenerative braking on the front wheel and friction braking on the rear wheel are applied)
Suspension:Front suspension + rear suspension
Light:Headlight with LED bulbs (Includes 6 LEDs, controlled by CPU to ensure constant intensity, independent of battery voltage); Light sensor for LED
Autopilot option:Press the throttle lever and hold a constant speed for 5 seconds to activate the autopilot option.
Zero Start Option:For safety reasons, when you want to use the electric scooter, it will only start after a little push with your foot, then you need to press the throttle lever and move forward with the electric scooter.
Horn:Piezo Ceramic Horn (Electric)
UBHI commands:Control levers, brake control, screen, headlight, horn
Speed ​​control option:On the right side of the UBHI is the throttle control lever that is used by pressing with the thumb of the right hand.

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Braking control option:On the left side of the UBHI is the throttle control lever that is used by pressing with the thumb of the left hand.
Climbing capacity:25 degree slopes
Tires:Airless tires (patented)
Maximum rated motor power:500W
Type of motor:Brushless DC motor
Energy consumption:7.7Wh / km
Loading time:3 – 4h
Charger input voltage:220V / 110V
LCD screen: Color
LCD screen size on
UBHI control interface:
80 x 60 x 60 mm
LCD screen functions
Odometer / Travel distance / Ambient temperature / Battery level / Battery percentage / ON / OFF button headlight
Material:Aluminum Alloy + Metal Paint Technology
Battery:Li-Ion, 36V; 10.5 Ah – Accumulator with Samsung cells
Total weight:11.3 kg
Maximum load:125kg
Charger:41.5 V, 3 A
Sizes:Folded: 970 x 330 x 145 mm
Unfolded: 1020 x 1160 x 380 mm

The warranty is 24 months for the engine, 12 months for the chassis, controller and display, and for the battery we offer a 12 month warranty of up to 4,000 km.

User manual:Download manual in electronic format or

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Note! Please charge the battery once every three months, even if you don’t use the electric scooter, to keep the battery running and extend its life. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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